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ePortal Africa enables New Media Learning and IT integration for Organisational Development and personal capacity building.

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Building transformational leadership in people and organizations around the globe through online training and executive seminars.

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New Media Learning

New Media Learning focuses on any time, anywhere on-demand access to training , on any digital device, as well as interactive user feedback and creative, collaborative participation. This makes AeLSNet the continental hub of online courses from network members throughout Africa: a convenient one-stop new media learning and training space for Africa. Government institutes, organisations and individual training providers,use AeLSNet as a secure and value adding solution for hosting their training courses on ePortal Africa. Our Africa-wide team of eLearning authors, tutors and developers will make it easy for you to: host your own virtual training space align your training to 21st century learning develop your own didactically sound content master the complexity of e-Learning projects transfer skills and build 21st century capacity foster collaborative and systemic learning get in touch with the team at


With the international head quarters in Windhoek, Namibia, the primary focus of ePortal Africa is on integrating eLearning in education and adult learning in Africa. Based on a multi-stakeholder approach, AeLSNet coordinates e-learning activities with educational institutions, provides training and capacity building to teachers and trainers, and acts as the digital library of electronic course content.


The ePortal Africa Learning Resource Centre provides members with a platform for hosting and administrating online training courses and functions as a course repository for open learning courses for capacity building in the educational, environmental, health and corporate sectors. Government institutes, organisations and individual training providers,use ePortal Africa as a secure and cost-effective solution for hosting their training courses on ePortal Africa.

Free MOOC Hosting

FREE course FREE hosting! ePortal Africa is our Africa eLearning Service Network. africammoc is Africa's hosting repository of eLearning course material. We support MOOCs like this: if your online course is available for free, we will host it for free on the AeLSNet ePortal Africa. In short: AeLSNet eLearning solutions focus on developing and rapidly implementing scalable learning solutions in Africa from script to policy. Support and donate to this initiative: If you have a FREE and open access course you or your organisation wants to share, ePortal Africa will host it for FREE! Contact to get specifics on uploading the course. eXE , .eLP, SCORM, IMS formats are preferred. Jens is the developer and administrator of ePortal Africa, which runs on a stable and secure Moodle LMS framework. Visit our exhibition Stand No.24 at eLA 2013. Mail: .
Knowledge Bank Africa KBA promotes the transformation of existing training to interactive, outcome based online courses. Interactivity engages users, pushing them rather than pulling them through training. In addition, AeLSNet applies various new media models and strategic best practices to embrace and adopt eLearning as central tool for a blended training policy to further develop and maintaining high impact, effective and efficient online leanring. Impacts achieved: Through the African networks, KBA has significantly enhanced e-Learning capacities within Africa and beyond. With the assistance of our main collaboration partners, we have supported and mutually initiated many e-Learning networks in Africa with significant impact on national and regional e-Learning frameworks. Learning and Teaching Methods: Knowledge transfer and development through: live online theoretical input lectures; after-seminar mentoring; interactive discussions on the KBA LMS after the live Seminar.