eLearning Technology (eLT)

The capacity building course “eLearning Technology” (eLT) is geared towards project managers, technological decision makers and educational technology staff in adult education and academic training institutions. The program equips participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to conceptualise the IT framework of an eLearning project and to make sensible technological decisions before the acquisition of hard and software.

The main objectives of the program

· Know the necessary local IT infrastructure for successful eLearning implementations and be able to judge a local system.

· Know the main forms of learning management systems (LMS) and be able to chose an appropriate system.

· Know the main eLearning course standards and their relevancy.

· Know the main course development tools and be able to chose an appropriate combination

Course Content

· Necessary IT-Infrastructure

· Platforms: LMS, CMS, LCMS

· Content Standards (AICC, Scorm)

· How to chose the appropriate Technology

· Tools for Course Production (low budget to high end)

· Toolbox /Product Overview Graphics, HTML, FTP, PDF, Authoring Software, Learning

Management Software

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