eLearning Implementation Strategies



Building on the AeLSNet range of experience, this short , intensive training seminar suggests a solution to develop strategies and share resources for business development and effective eLearning implementation in the Namibian business and institutional training sector.

In addition, participants will learn to embrace and adopt eLearning as central tool for a blended training policy to develop and maintain a competitive edge.

Target group:

All business and institutions in Namibia should grab this opportunity to participate in this facilitated seminar to learn from this rich source of experience and discuss opportunities and challenges relevant to the needs of your enterprise.


These new competencies will be compelling drivers for developing strategies on how eLearning can support organisational training in Namibia:

  • e-learning strategy development for business
  • e-learning course content hosting on AeLSNet
  • e-learning curriculum & content development
  • e-learning online course development
  • e-learning tutoring and administration of virtual learning

All participants will receive access to course handouts on our Online Training Centre as well as the ongoing forum discussions after the live online seminar.

Impacts achieved:

Through the African networks, AeLSNet has significantly enhanced e-Learning capacities within Africa and beyond. With the assistance of our main collaboration partners, we have supported and mutually initiated many e-Learning networks in Africa with significant impact on national and regional e-Learning frameworks.

Learning and Teaching Methods:

Knowledge transfer and development through: live online theoretical input lectures; after-seminar mentoring; interactive discussions on the AeLSnet LMS after the live Seminar.

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