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Module description:


This 3 day contact and 3 weeks online, hands-on writing module offered by AELSNET opens new avenues to professional competencies and efficiency to all participants. In addition, this module develops participant’s skills regarding professional and academic conventions in writing, reading and oral presentation for professional purposes.


Participants are required to produce several referenced and evidence based writing papers in formal academic style within the context of their professional environment, as well as delivering

oral presentations based on their writing. The reading part of this writing module involves participants in a detailed critical analysis of their own texts.  The aim of this module therefore, is to develop professional, evidence based literacy in professional English.


Exit learning outcomes: Upon completion of this module, participants will be able to :


1.        Apply academic and formal writing conventions within the context of their profession

2.        Integrate advanced reading strategies in reading within a professional context

3.        Employ oral and presentation skills in a professional context

4.        Employ academic listening techniques in a professional context.



The module will extend professional opportunities and will enable participants to apply the knowledge gained to their own professional context. Interactive English writing analysis activities and a stimulating set of theoretical frameworks help to ground, illustrate and provoke reflection on the key concepts and theories presented in the module.


Participants will be drawn from a variety of stakeholders which may include various interest groups from the Service Provider Sector of Namibia. A fair command of English linked to a higher learning qualification will be of advantage.


Therefore, all Service Provider Sector professionals who need to improve their language proficiency regarding effective writing, reading comprehension, speaking and listening in order to confidently utilise English language at work, should complete this module.


Lecturers: Resource persons such as speakers and facilitators are from NIPAM’s highly qualified expert pool of practitioners.


The AELSNET Writing Skills for Service Provider Professionals module will be presented at suitable dates from 08h00 till 16h30 and online 24/7.


AELSNET online campus . ePortal Africa  and Suitable classroom training facilities


For more information: ccontact your facilitator:  Jens Schneider:   Tel: +264-61-296 4775



The AELSNET Writing Skills modules are driven by systems thinking, experiential learning and adaptability to current and relevant 21st Century trends and needs. The module’s comprehensive, advanced, and contextualised content aims to achieve systemic, sustainable and measurable outputs.


This is a demanding, yet highly enriching course. Participants are therefore requested to make arrangements to work on nightly assignments at home for 2 hours and not miss any of the class activities.



Cross-cutting Themes and Expected Learning Outcomes:

 writng skills

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