List of new MOOCs

Africamooc will bring together a range of free, open, online courses ,MOOCs from leading universities, training organisations and educators in the same place and under the same brand.

Here is a list of MOOCs  for you to look at.  We are constantly updating this list and hope you forward us your favourite links to


Advanced Studies in Secondary Education and Teacher Leadership

Register here today:

Free Micro-Course
3 weeks Online Course/Workshop

More info here : The Flipped Classroom – Strategies and Tips

June 3 – 21, 2013

Free and 100% Online


  MOOCs starting in June 2013:


FREE Courses with no specific starting date. Begin on the date of your choice:

Free Courses Credential Key
CC = Certificate of Completion
SA  = Statement of Accomplishment
CM = Certificate of Mastery
C-VA = Certificate, with Varied Levels of Accomplishment
$SJSU = San Jose State Credit for a fee
NI – No Information About Certificate Available  NC = No Certificate


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