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    eLearning Update 2014 Conference

The 7th Elearning Update: 21, 22 & 23 July 2014

Learning design for Learning 3.0

Ubiquitous mobile technology, the semantic web, the Internet of things and smart devices have irreversibly altered the learning landscape. With GPS devices taking us where we want to go, with online calculators figuring out everything we want to know, with Google answering every question you could be asked in a pub quizz, even before you have finished entering the text, we as individuals have never been as clever as now. Which begs the questions:
  • What is there to learn?
  • Why should we learn at all? And more importantly,
  • How to we design learning interventions that make the best use of current technologies?
This conference will explore the practical, theoretical, business and academic aspects to consider when one designs a blended learning solution.
So come and share with us the latest technologies, techniques and methodologies to make learning happen in the world of Web 3.0. Click below:

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