Tutoring of eLearning Communities (TeL)

The capacity building course program “Tutoring of eLearning Communities” (TeL) is geared towards trainers and future online tutors in adult education and academic training who need to acquire theoretical and practical tutoring and support skills. The program equips participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully support eLearning participants.

The main objectives of the program

· Know the role and the different functions of an online tutor in a virtual learning environment

· Know and efficiently handle the different communication processes and member types typically

encountered in eLearning situations

· Know and handle different social settings and intercultural specifics in eLearning course scenarios

· Know and utilise the various forms of communication media available for tutoring

· Know and apply different steps of learner and course management

· Know and utilise the tutoring tools of the ePortal Africa

Course Content

· eLearning communities

· Skills: Roles, workflow, tasks, feedback, motivation

· How to: Guidelines for online communication, assignments, conflict resolution

· Social aspects: Learning groups, intercultural aspects, learning styles

· Tutoring-Tools: e-Mail, chat, bulletin boards and discussion forums, virtual classrooms

· Course management: Time management, group management, controlling


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