eSkills Modules and Content

These online eLearning Skills modules are directed at individuals and institutions that already have more than basic knowledge about e-learning. The modules each last four weeks and are supported by e-tutors (except eLS, which is a pre-requisite self-study module).

The course treats the following subjects:

1. eLearning Strategy (eLS) (starts monthly, self study)

2. Instructional Design (ID)

3. Content Development (CD)

4. eLearning Technology (eLT

5. eLearning Management (eLM)

6. Tutoring eLearning Communities(TeL)

7. Full eSkills Course (all modules 1-6) (FeSC)

Target group:

The knowledge and skills needed to function effectively in business,

education, professional practice, the public sector or any other environment, continue to change and expand at a rapid rate. Professionals face increased knowledge and skills expectations. Continued development of professional competence and lifelong learning are critical to meet these expectations.

The eSkills program offers learning activities that develop and maintain capabilities to enable professionals to perform competently within their professional environments.

Beneficiaries of eSkills 4 CPD are either those who work for an institution interested in e-learning; or those who are closely related to a network of institutions that aim to enhance their capacity on e-learning within their country and/or region.

Participants are enabled to provide the following services:

· e-learning content development (curriculum & content development)

· e-learning course developers (transferring content into online courses)

· e-learning facilitators (tutoring and administration of virtual learning



The AeLSNet eLearning Skills for Continuing Professional Development (eSkills 4 CPD) program aims to support the building of consistent e-learning service and skills training structures throughout Africa; “ to build a people centered, inclusive and development-oriented Information Society, where everyone can create, access, utilize and share information and knowledge. The eSkills 4 CPD Program further aims at enabling individuals, communities and peoples to achieve their full potential in promoting their sustainable development and improving their quality of life.

 Impacts achieved:

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) refers to learning activities that develop and maintain capabilities to enable professionals to perform competently within their professional environments

AeLSNet now offers GIZ (InWEnt’s) e-learning skills training courses as eSkills 4 CPD independently, in close cooperation with other African network partners.

Learning and Teaching Methods:

Knowledge transfer and development through: theoretical online lectures; group work; discussions, assignments, self-evaluation

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