Online Courses

Personal Development Skills 1. Balancing the Scales for Personal Excellence
2. Advanced Study and Learning Methods
3. Academic Writing Skills (School, Masters, PHD)
4. CPD through Emotional Intelligence
Business Communications Skills 1. Delivering Excellence in Customer Care
2. Integrative Facilitation Methodology
3. Mentoring and Coaching People
4. To the Point Report Writing
5. Active Presentation Skills
6. Inclusive Intercultural Communication
7. Facilitating Results Oriented Meetings
8. Art of Persuasion and Negotiation
Leadership and Management Development 1. Strategic Communication Excellence in Business
2. Mentoring and Coaching People
3. Operations Management Skills
4. Strategic Crisis and Communication Management
5. Best Corporate Governance
6. Reliable Project Management
7. eLearning Policies and Strategies
8. Managing Complexity: A Systems Approach
eLearning Specialist Skills (eLS) 1. eManagement Specialist (MaS)
2. Instructional Design Specialist (IDS)
3. Content Development Specialist (CDS)
4. Online Tutoring Specialist (OTS)
5. Developing a Multi-stakeholder Network
6. Building a Sustainable eLearning Centre
7. eLearning Skills for Teachers
Good Public Sector Governance 1. Delivering Top Performing Public Sector Service
2. Ethics, Integrity and Corruption Prevention
3. Innovation and Change Management
4. Delivering Effective Reporting and Writing
5. Strategic Crisis and Communication Management
6. Diversity and Intercultural Conflict resolution
7. Strategic Thinking and Policy Development

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