New Media Learning and Training

AeLSNet isĀ  an expanding network of organisations and qualified eLearning experts supporting public, educational and corporate sector learning and training.

With the international head quarters in Windhoek, Namibia, the primary focus of AeLSNet is on integrating eLearning in education and adult learning in Africa. Based on a multi-stakeholder approach, AeLSNet coordinates e-learning activities with educational institutions, provides training and capacity building to teachers and trainers, and acts as the digital library of electronic course content.

The AeLSNet Learning Resource Centre (, provides members with a platform for hosting and administrating online training courses and functions as a course repository for open learning courses for capacity building in the educational, environmental, health and corporate sectors. Government institutes, organisations and individual training providers,use AeLSNet as a secure and cost-effective solution for hosting their training courses on ePortal Africa.

ePortal Africa

All AeLSNet online training happens on the ePortal Africa (www.aelsnet/eportal) which is the continental hub of online courses from network members throughout Africa: a convenient one-stop new media learning and training space for organisations, institutes and individuals. Jens is the developer and administrator of ePortal Africa, which runs on a stable and secure Moodle LMS framework for training in Namibia, South Africa and Africa.

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